Thank you for your interest in my photographic artwork. I am an English photographer, born and brought up in Southwest England and London, now residing in Connecticut with my wife and young daughter  

Photographic Style

I specialize in images of Europe, striving to capture the essence and natural beauty of the region I am photographing.  My tendency is to integrate a floral aspect to my photographs, bringing the vibrancy of nature’s color which I view as fleeting and difficult to capture at its peak.  Whether it be English rose gardens, French lavender, European sunflower fields, cottage gardens in quintessential English villages or old world doorways surrounded by flowers, I know that tomorrow, next week or next year, that image cannot be replicated.  Whether it be the end of the flowers’ life cycle, weather effects or changes brought by human hands, each image is fleeting, truly a moment in time captured.  In capturing these images, I do so with a painter’s viewpoint bringing a softness, balance and depth to my photographs that is similar to a painter’s style. I frequently receive comments that my photographs look like paintings, which I truly take as a compliment. 


I have been photographing professionally for 22 years and am primarily self-taught. Prior to beginning my career as a photographer, I spent many years dappling in photography and art, honing my skills whilst working in investment banking in London.  After a move to the U.S. with my American born wife, and an extensive world trip where I photographed daily, I took the leap to start my own photography business.  I continue to love what I’m doing and feel privileged that thousands of customers have my photographs in their homes and businesses, bringing them enjoyment year after year.  It brings me great satisfaction to know others appreciate and enjoy my artwork, that they can evoke memories of a visit for them or just allow them to appreciate the beauty of a scene as I saw it with my eyes.


My choice of cameras are Hasselblad medium format 2 ¼” x 2 ¼’” systems because of their versatility and exceptional optics. I continue to utilize traditional photographic equipment rather than digital because it provides a different feel and quality to the final print.  My system allows for square, standard and panoramic imaging. I use Fuji Velvia 50 asa transparency film (slides) for all of my color work because of its fine grain allowing for stronger & larger clear enlargements. My photographs are now giclee images printed on Canson’s Professional Fine Digital archival papers that will last well over 200 years behind museum glass. The final traditional product is dry mounted on acid free foam board and double matted with acid free mats. The matted artwork is offered framed in burled maple or walnut wood from Italy for a high quality piece of art.

 My upbringing in England has led me back through my photography and helped shape the subject matter I now choose.  My exposure to the landscapes and gardens of England and Europe from a young age, has made me want to now share this with others.  I hope you find the beauty of Europe through my photographs. 

Duncan Hall